Life Insurance Planning

Life Insurance helps individuals accomplish personal, individual and estate needs. Insurance planning is an important part of any financial portfolio and helps individuals and families protect and build a solid foundation, grow wealth through accumulation and distribute wealth with a lasting legacy. In those circumstances where our client’s plan indicates a need or desire for life insurance, we arrange access to a number of the world's premier life, disability, and long-term care insurance companies.

Several types of life insurance policies are available and each helps to accomplish specific objectives in different ways.



Whole Life Insurance is a permanent form of life insurance and provides a way to build and protect your financial future. Permanent life insurance offers many living benefits including guaranteed tax-deferred cash value accumulation, protection from creditors and tax-free access to cash value*, all while providing an income tax-free death benefit for beneficiaries.


Term Life Insurance provides basic coverage for a specific amount of time and offers protection at an affordable price.


Universal Life Insurance combines aspects of both Whole Life and Term Life Insurance. Universal Life Insurance is a permanent form of life insurance that builds tax-deferred cash value and allows you tax-free access to the accumulated cash inside the policy.*  Universal Life Insurance offers more flexibility by allowing you the option to increase or decrease your premium payments and death benefit as your needs change.


Variable Universal Life Insurance combines the premium and death benefit flexibility of a Universal Life policy with investment opportunities. You may allocate your premium amongst a variety of professionally managed investment divisions plus a fixed account. Of course, with investment opportunities comes risk along with the potential for reward.


Survivorship life insurance is available as whole life, universal life or variable universal life.**  Survivorship life insurance covers two people and provides payment of the proceeds when the second insured individual dies. Survivorship life insurance is often used to help meet estate planning or business continuation goals.


Asset Preserver is considered a “blended product.” It is a universal life insurance policy with a long-term care option that allows you to access the death benefit, income tax-free, to pay for certain long-term care needs. Your beneficiaries receive whatever death benefit moneys you have not used toward long-term care.

*The cash value in a life insurance policy is accessed through policy loans, which accrue interest at the current rate, and withdrawals. Loans and withdrawals will decrease the cash surrender value and death benefit.

**Offered by NYLIFE Securities LLC. (member FINRA/SIPC), 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010.